Terrific Game Backgammon

Backgammon is a centuries old game based on logic, strategy and luck with the roll of the dice. Focus, concentration and discipline are the skills that it will help build. It is a game we recommend to play with your family members, friends and even online with players from all over the world. Your children will develop math skills together with enjoying the fast paced game of war and strategy. Similar to chess, it is a game you can learn in minutes or hours but also spend a lifetime learning the secrets for expert play. Yes, it is a game where luck in dice throw has influence on the final outcome but studying and learning from the experts can help with your becoming a well rounded player where you can increase your winning odds. There are books written by world renown experts, here are a few you can try.
Backgammon by Paul-Magriel

2004 edition with a new foreword by Renee Magriel Roberts. Backgammon is the most highly-regarded work on the subject, often referred to as “The Bible” 

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