Reading Books is so important in your Bussiness life.

This is one of my favorite picture of myself and Greg Reid. Read his article

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  1. Sergey Guber
    Sergey Guber says:

    My late wife, Co-founder of, my Unconditional Life Partner, and my BBFF, Bestest Best Friend Forever, Jessica Guber as the Angel she was, went to Heaven. She inspired me coaches me all our 34 years of married life. and we together created this PtoH website to share and spread the happiness we created and enjoyed together. We constantly read books, researched the Internet, attended schools, seminars, workshops to get better at making each other Happy. Reading was one of her passions. And Gregg Reidone other idols. A great visionary that he is we attended many Secret Knock workshops and we were inspired, motivated, and gained more insight on Happiness and more methods how to achieve I with POWer. Highly recommend following Greg Reid, attending all his seminars and workshop. Keep reading his books and be inspired and motivated as well.

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